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giving a voice to family history

A recording of a relative’s voice is invaluable. We provide professionally edited conversations for family records, giving future generations an important archive of relatives’ voices while enhancing the quality of family trees across the world.

Here’s your chance to record your own important family history, quickly and simply, by talking about it. Use it to record dialects, life reports and biography. Additionally, this service can be used to record those conversations that are left unsaid either because life gets in the way or they’re just too painful to discuss with those close to you. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a sympathetic stranger.

Don’t lose those precious memories. If you don’t record them, who will? They could be lost forever, if you don’t act now. Take the leap today, your relatives will be eternally grateful.

The idea for this service arose when a number of our relatives sadly passed away.

“I miss their unique voices, accents and mannerisms,” says co-founder Caroline Saunders. “It would have been a great comfort to me in my grief if I could hear those voices once again. The only recording I have of my late uncle is a poor quality answerphone message. I don’t even have a record of my late dad’s voice. If only we had started this service sooner.”

Interviews are conducted by experienced and compassionate journalist Tim Saunders, who will put you at your ease. He knows all the right questions to ask.

What a great project. Many years ago, when I was a trainee reporter, I worked with someone who recorded conversations with elderly people with great stories to tell. Their descendants were so grateful for them.”
Paul Roberts
Family historian

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